At the end of the year, many people make resolutions. Some resolutions are so completely ridiculous that it’s not even funny, but some people take their resolutions very seriously and get angry or disappointed with themselves if they do not keep their resolutions. There are many reasons why you may make resolutions, but there are also many far better reasons why you shouldn’t. I used to make them too, but I’ve found its far easier to save myself the irritation.

Avoid the Disappointment

I used to make resolutions. Some of them were silly. I would decide I would lose so much weight by summer, or I wasn’t going to eat junk food. One of the best ones I ever made was to stop shopping so much (as if that would ever happen!). I realized how silly these things all sounded, but hey, it was New’s Year. I stopped though, because when the year was over and I hadn’t lost weight or stopped eating junk or shopping, I was disappointed with myself. I felt like a total failure. Disappointment and feeling like you cannot accomplish goals is never a fun feeling, so this is one reason why you should not make a New Year’s resolution.

Don’t Put a Time Limit on Things

Another great reason to not make a resolution for the new year is because some things do not deserve time limits. If you’re putting a time limit on things and whatever it is that you want to happen or expect to happen within that time doesn’t happen, you may want to give up on it. Realistically, good things are well worth waiting for and sometimes, a time limit can’t be put on them. Good things take time!

Be Happy with Who You Are

Most importantly, don’t make a new year’s resolution because you should be happy with who you are! I used to try and find things I didn’t like about myself or things I would change in the new year, until I realized that it’s pointless to try and change who you really are. It is better to embrace who you are in the new year and be proud of it. The only resolution worth making is to love yourself and the life you live.
Resolutions for the new year aren’t worth your time in the long run. You can save yourself a lot of disappointment by not making them. That way, you won’t have to put a time limit on things and you can spend more of the new year being happy with the person you are. That’s the best way to do it!

Feature photo credit: the past tends to disappear via photopin cc