While travelling to a single destination is fun, choosing a multi-centre holiday can be even better. This isn’t just because you get to see more places (though that certainly helps!), but also because some destinations simply seem like a match made in holiday heaven. Miami and the Bahamas are one example.

I think the reason they work so well together is that their similarities and differences harmonise and balance out the kind of experiences you can have. Trendy Miami, for instance, is known for its lively beaches and nightlife, while the Bahamas has gorgeous weather and provides opportunities to relax on really secluded stretches of sand.

That said, certain parts of the Bahamas – such as Nassau – are really vibrant, and these are great places to mix a few cultural experiences in with hitting the beach.

If you like the sound of visiting these two destinations on your next holiday, I recommend doing so with a cruise. You can find out more about thisĀ by clicking here, but the advantages of travelling in this way include enjoying some serious luxury and the ease of getting between these two premium destinations.


Enjoy very different beaches

Combining trips to Miami and the Bahamas is a brilliant choice for any beach lover, especially because it gives you the chance to get a taste of different kinds of beaches. Let’s take a look at what Miami has to offer first.

South Beach is probably the liveliest one you’ll encounter during your whole trip. With a reputation as a party beach, this stretch of sand is the southern tip of Miami Beach and attracts people from all over the world. It’s well worth heading down the famous Ocean Drive while you’re here, which is packed with great cafes and restaurants.

Over in the Bahamas, meanwhile, you can enjoy a slightly more classic beach experience – think silky sands lapped by crystal-clear water. Most of the beaches here are white-sand, but if you can, try to visit one of the beautiful pink-sand beaches as well – just because they are so spectacular. The best to head to is the aptly named Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island.


Taste different foods

As you can see, the beaches in Miami and the Bahamas are quite different from one another – and it’s that contrast which makes visiting both in a single trip so interesting. And so it is with food – what you eat in each place will certainly be a completely different experience.

In Miami, as well as being able to taste American classics, you’ll find there’s quite a culture around Cuban coffee – so make sure you try some. In the Bahamas, foodies are in for a real treat. Unsurprisingly given the country is made up of islands, seafood is a staple, and one speciality you shouldn’t miss in conch. It’s served lots of different ways, including fried in batter and grilled, so try a few versions and see what you like most.

Lobster, crab, fried plantains and sweet potato are other culinary staples, as is the popular Caribbean side dish of peas and rice. You should also expect the food here to be well spiced; interestingly, Bahamian cooking has been quite inspired by the American South, so if you’ve travelled in that region before expect to come across some familiar flavours.


photo credit: mdanys via photopin cc