There’s nothing worse than waiting for something that never seems to arrive. When you’re a child, you sit waiting on Christmas Eve, hoping that Santa hurries up and makes his way down the chimney, and when you’re older, you count down the days until your precious holiday, the event you’ve saved long and hard for. Maybe you still wait for Santa, but in my opinion there’s nothing worse than the time spent waiting for your departure gate call at the airport!

Wasting time in an airport tends to lead to one thing and one thing only – extra spending! It’s a good idea to rein it in a little if you can, but I appreciate how hard this can be when you’re surrounded by the glittering halls of Duty Free. Instead, distract yourself from the waiting with a few other activities.

Don’t arrive too early

Don’t turn up late, but don’t arrive too early either, because more waiting means more frustration. I like to stay overnight at an airport hotel if I can, especially if I have an early flight. I like the idea of starting my holiday earlier, but it also means I can relax the night before, and arrive at the check-in desk unflustered and looking my best. The perk of knowing you’re on-site, or at least very close, means less worry, and no need to arrive too early. You’ll find a selection of hotels at most large UK airports, including a great range of Dublin Airport hotels, so it’s simply a case of finding out what’s available near you.

Have a sit down meal

It might be tempting to grab fast food on the go, but you’ll be finished far too early, probably still be hungry, and then end up buying something else to eat on the plane. I like to go to a sit down restaurant in the airport and have a proper meal, setting me up for the day. This also wastes a lot more time!

Set yourself a budget for Duty Free

I’m not suggesting you don’t have a wander around Duty Free, you’re on holiday after all, but don’t go spending all your holiday money before you’ve even got on the plane! Set yourself a budget and stick to it, no matter how tempted you are. That perfume wasn’t a bargain unless you were intending to buy it anyway!

Think entertainment beforehand

If you have a tablet, iPad, or Kindle, then load it up before you leave the house, make sure it’s well charged, and keep yourself occupied to reduce the waiting. You have no idea how much time can pass whilst you’re engrossed in a game!

Remember that delays can and do happen, which obviously affects the amount of waiting you have even more. Try and stay calm, remember you’ll get there as soon as you can, and don’t wander back in the direction of Duty Free! Make sure you travel plans are insured ahead of time, and my tip would always be to purchase an annual multi-trip insurance policy, keep an eye on the screens in the airport, and finally, perhaps most important of all, look forward to a holiday full of fun and frolics.

The waiting will end!