Bathroom design trends go through changes every year, and 2014 is set to be a pretty big one. The last few years have seen trends focusing on the more bohemian and shabby chic look, stylish bathrooms on a budget, but this year is set to focus on luxury and relaxation. Most of the big designers are tending towards a spa-at-home feel for their projects.

Soft fluid lines are key for this bathroom trend – everything from your sink to the bath and even bathroom accessories should be sleek and soft. Curves is the big word in this game, moving far away from the boxy, uniform styles seen in recent times. It’s perfect for a family bathroom, with no sharp corners, and easier to keep clean too, so everyone’s happy. Shapes should be stylish, drawing on Japanese minimalism, and there should be a lack of clutter to keep your bathroom feeling like the tranquil environment it should be. In terms of storage, use it wisely to keep all your bits and pieces out the way. Seamless cabinets and floating shelves are just a couple of options you have, but remember to keep it understated and fluid.

We’ve seen an increase in the demand for wet rooms recently, and a decline in the amount of people looking for baths. While the bath tub is the perfect place to spend a bit of time relaxing, more people are looking for the speed and ease of a shower. Following on from the hype of minimalistic looks, seamless and curbless showers are key to this trend. Not only do will this give your bathroom a more open and airy feel, a wet room also adds value to your property as they are highly desired at the moment.

Colour is out this year; we’ll be seeing a lot more of the monochromatic look, keeping it easy on the eyes and looking stylish. Bright colours are now a thing of the past. For an on trend look, keep your walls a pale grey and line the floor with large luxury tiles a few shades darker. Get a new dimension in your bathroom by stepping away from the cold and clinical white tiles of the past and choose soft, natural shades such as slate or marble.


Image credit: Bauhaus Alice Oval Basin at UK Bathrooms