It’s not called the living room for nothing. Part family room, part play room, part guest reception room and part chilling out on front of the TV with a glass of wine room, the most important living space in the home has to be all things to all people.

It can also suffer from the wear and tear that it is put through every day. Much as you might like to clear it and have a complete revamp, that is not always possible or practical. So here are four little things you can do to give it a minor freshen up without breaking the bank, or, indeed, your will.

1) Check the borders

If you have a priceless painting and it is in a ratty old frame, it is never going to look like anything other than a ratty old painting. The same can be said of your living room. Take a proper look at the skirting boards, and chances are they are scuffed, scraped and generally looking like that ratty old frame.

Replacing the skirting is nowhere near as complicated as you might think, and can be easily accomplished in an afternoon with the right tools and some basic DIY skill. And the beauty is that there are so many varieties, sizes and shades available from suppliers like Skirtings R Us, you can completely revitalise your room at a single stroke.

2) Indulge in some feng shui

A change is as good as a rest, or so we are told. Take a critical look at how your room is laid out and try moving things around. This is actually a great habit to get into every few months. In the summer, you want your living room to be open and airy, with a more minimalist feel, and the focus should be on the windows. In winter, it is time to snuggle things up and make it feel warmer and cosier.

3) Let there be light

The right lighting is so important in setting the right tone for a room. These days, it is all about recessed LEDs and spotlights. This will probably mean getting the electrician in, but it is only half a day’s work for an expert, as long as you are clear about what you want and where you want it.

This is a great opportunity to let your imagination run riot – for example, how about some floor level lighting set into those new skirting boards we were talking about earlier? It will look amazing!

4) It ain’t easy being green

At least, for some it is not, but even if you have the opposite of green fingers and are able to cause instant plant death just by being in the same room, it is worth considering some hardy and low maintenance natural life in the living room.

As well as looking fresh and adding colour, researchers say that having plants and flowers around the home increases happiness and reduces stress and anxiety. To me, that definitely sounds like a win/win, so give it a try.