Today’s stay-at-home mom is very different than that of 10, 20, even 30 years ago. It’s quite common that a stay-at-home mom is also working on her own projects on the side such as a side business venture, a part-time job, or even pursuing a high tech online degree such as an online masters in engineering.

Finding a healthy balance between the kids and other endeavors has become something of a science it seems. Well it doesn’t have to be confusing and frustrating, not with these tips on hand.

Quality Time is the Key

It’s been said time and time again that it should be about the quality of time not the quantity of time, and that is an excellent tip to keep in mind. What this means is that when you are focused on something or someone, you need to give it your full attention. If you are busy studying for masters of engineering online, then that’s what you should be focused on. When it’s family time, your studies should be the last thing on your mind.

If you’re taking an online degree program the great thing is that these are usually accelerated programs that can be completed in a much shorter time-frame. For example, you can earn your specialized masters in engineering online in just 13 months. Perhaps explaining this to your kids will help them to understand there is an end-point and everyone just has to be supportive and patient.

Get Your Kids Involved in Your Schooling

There’s also the fact that you can try to combine your two worlds and get your kids involved in your schooling. This allows them to feel part of something that is important to you, and you’ll be able to spend that time with them. This can be done by discussing what you’ve been learning. Let them write out practice quiz questions that they can read to you, and let them help you with study notes.

Take Advantage of Time Saving Tips

Because you want to devote time to the kids and your school studies, that doesn’t leave you much time for other chores and tasks. Time saving tips can end up being your own little lifesaver. Popular time saving tips include:

  • Making a meal plan in advance
  • Shopping from a grocery list
  • Making meals in advance and freezing them
  • Hire a cleaning service to help out on a weekly or monthly basis if you can afford it
  • Create a chore list so everyone can pitch in and help
  • Make to-do lists so you aren’t racing around at the last minute
  • Do little bits each day rather than letting the chores pile up

Creating a Balance Takes Work

There is no doubt about it, creating a healthy balance between your life as a mom and your role as a student takes work and effort. However, once you find that balance it will make everything run smoother and keep everyone much happier.