Whether you are moving to a new city a few hours away or are packing your bags for a move to a new country, settling into a new place can be difficult.  You are suddenly alone in a new city with no friends, little knowledge about the place, and a huge list of things you need to figure out – like your employment and housing situation.  If you will soon be taking on this adventure, check out our tips below on how to make your move to a new city as smooth as possible.

Researching Before Hand

There was once a time when moving to a new city meant uprooting your life for something completely and totally unknown.  Thankfully, that is not really the situation now with the internet and all the information it can prove you about your soon-to-be home.  Do your research before hand and your relocation will go a lot better.

Check out everything you can about the city you will be moving to. Find out what neighborhoods are best based on your needs – good schools, lots of coffee shops, nice parks, etc.  See what the weather is like, look up typical housing prices and find flats for rent here, and find out what local hangouts you might enjoy.

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Asking for Advice

While the internet is great, getting random information on your new city isn’t always that helpful.  A better option is to seek out personalized advice from friends, family, friends of friends, or even complete strangers.

If you are moving to a large city, chances are you known someone who either lived there themselves or has a friend who might have.  Even people who have visited your new city might be able to give you a bit of insight.  Ask them what you should check out, keep in mind, or avoid.  See if they have any friends still living in the city who might be able to meet up with you and be your first in-person connection to the city.  If you are going a bit off the beaten track or moving abroad and you really don’t know anyone who has spent time in the city, check out online forums or expat blogs for advice.

Finding Housing and a New Job

When moving to a new place, it can take some time to get settled.  You definitely don’t want to commit to a neighborhood or apartment without first getting a feel for the city as a whole.  Your best bet is to put your things in storage and rent a temporary apartment or room from a local through a site like Airbnb.  This way you can move around if you need to before signing a lease and committing to your new city fully.

If you are lucky, your move was due to a job and you can jump right into work once you arrive in your new home.  Not the case?  Looking for a job is probably your number one goal then.  Make sure you have enough money set aside to support yourself during the first month or so you are in your new city.  This will give you a chance to job search, which you can tackle the same way you would back home.  Look through job boards, online classified ads, or just hit the streets with your resume.

Making New Friends

Once you have settled in a bit, making your new city really feel like home will probably involve finding a new group of friends.  If you get a nice job, you might end up with a great group of coworkers/friends.  Other ways to meet new people include signing up for local clubs and events around your hobbits, like hiking or yoga, or volunteering for local non-profits.  Even just grabbing coffee with a distinct friend-of-a-friend might help you make a new connection in the city.  Once you know a few people, it is easy to meet others.



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