The American Massage Therapy Association provides a detailed report on the state of the Massage Therapy industry. The eye-opening stat would arguably be that in 2015 the massage therapy industry was reaching $12.1 billion! It’s exceeding expectations and continues to grow.

Those of you in the massage therapy industry have two interesting outlooks:

·  Now is the best time to scale the business

·  You can bet the competition will only get more fierce

Between 43.8 – 56.7 million Americans surveyed had a massage between July 2015 and July 2016. This means there’s a lot of money on the (literal) table.

Are you currently finding success in the industry? Want to ramp it up?

Here are our top suggestions to improve your massage therapy business:

Modern Equipment

The massage table is the epicenter of the work. It would make great sense to provide clients with updated, clean equipment that’s comfortable and welcoming compared to using run-down, used-up tables you found at a discount.

There are many different types of equipment – each creating new opportunity for your business:

·  Portables

·  Stationary

·  Electric

·  Chairs

Click for more information about the options.

Couple this with appropriate massage supplies, offering services in a clean environment, and you’ll create a welcoming experience.


Creating ambiance relaxes the client but also gives your work a brand. The client comes for the experience as much as the massage.

Your business could improve by implementing:

·  Dim lighting

·  Aromatherapy

·  White noise machines

Another big on the list for ambiance is talking to the client about what’s “go” and “no-go” as far as conversations. There’s no need to prod at touchy subjects (unless they say so).


Boost the income of the business by offering a selection of items related to the massage therapy industry.

These could be items such as:

·  Oils

·  Lotions

·  Scrubs

·  Books

·  Music

…and many others.

The retail could be done at the physical location or offered through the website.

You could even seek a manufacturer or white-label service to brand these items. A client using your branded items will keep you in mind and have them coming back time and time again.

Extra Services

Clients get bored if it’s the same experience. They’ll eventually seek something new if you’re stuck in one massage style. You should continually learn new skills to create a variety of options for the clients.

The services could be (besides new massage styles);

·  Fire cupping

·  Dry brushing

·  Hot/cold packs

·  Impact therapy

·  Spa services (pedicures, manicures, etc.)

Don’t deviate too far from the money-maker but do explore the options!


What about:

·  Offering classes to teach couples how to perform massages on one another?

·  A class which target specific ailments in different body parts?

·  A business session to educate up-and-comers in the industry?

You’re already the expert. People would love to give massage therapy a try and it won’t detract them from visiting often because you’re giving them something above-and-beyond!

Education Hub

Put your website and social media to epic use by creating great content to form an education hub.

The site can be the hub which shares any number of the following:

·  Healthy living

·  Yoga routines

·  Product reviews

·  Client stories

·  News

These pieces of content will help you get discovered when people are seeking massage therapy services. It also provides ample amount of content to share on social media and create interaction!

The massage therapy industry is on a meteoric rise!

The flexibility of the work can take place in the client’s home, office, spa, or your home. It makes it a fantastic business to launch without the heavy reliance on capital investment.

Couple this with a rapid learning and certification process along with the knowing you’re making a real impact on the health of others. The market is there and ripe for rewards.

Place these suggestions into action and you will see the business grow.

Q: What suggestions would you offer your fellow massage therapy professionals?