Indonesia is famous for its large and bustling cities, with Jakarta being the capital, and probably the biggest and busiest of them all. If you are lucky enough to be visiting this wonderful part of Indonesia then you have plenty of things to see and do on your agenda; having said that, the loud and bustling nature of the city may get to be a little too much from time to time, and in that case you need to seek peace and serenity.


Every city-goer has his or her favourite place to escape, and for those who live in Jakarta and the surrounding area, this is Puncak.

Puncak is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the country, and somewhere you can truly kick back and relax, away from beeping car horns and traffic. Located around three hours’ drive away from the capital, traffic permitting, this mountain resort is ideal for those who want to see something a little more authentic, and slow in pace. The name itself translates as ‘peak’, and this is because of the huge mountains which lead up to and encompass the area.

Weekends are certainly the busiest time to visit Puncak, and you will find the roads much slower during these times. On top of this, accommodation is also busier during these days, so it’s a good idea to book ahead. You won’t struggle to find a choice of places to stay however, with places such as Puncak Pass Resort one of the best on offer. Head online for the best offers, with Traveloka showing plenty of choice.


The stunning mountain view over the famous tea plantation is perhaps what Puncak is best known for, however there are a few other attractions on offer too. Much of what there is to see and do is based around nature and wildlife, with Taman Bunga Nusantara, or the Indonesian Flower Garden, a wonderful place to head for a few hours. Here you will find countless species of flowers from all around the world, which grow wonderfully well here thanks to the tropical conditions. On top of this, Taman Safari Indonesia is somewhere the kids will love, and is a safari trail which allows visitors to see and feed wild animals, such as elephants, goats, and zebras. There is a hiking trail and a petting zoo in the park also, which makes this a wonderful family day out.

That famous tea plantation, Wisata Agro Gunung Mas Tea Plantation, is probably the biggest must visit in Puncak however, and if you head there early enough in the day, you will get to see it actually producing the famous drink. You can learn how tea is produced, taste it for yourself in the on-site café, and walk around the tracks for yourself, with the mountains providing that stunning backdrop which the destination is best known for.

Travel in and around Puncak is certainly rewarding, that’s for sure!

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