Australia is a popular destination for people travelling and even those wanting to move somewhere new for so many different reasons. Australia is absolutely beautiful, with all there is to do and see and there are so many opportunities. There are large cities, as well as small towns, and beautiful beaches, as well as desolate outback. If you’re looking for a hotel in Australia, Accor’s range is something to check out here. If you are wanting to move to or visit one of the best cities in Australia, here are five to consider, with a bit of information about what you can see or do there.



Sydney is the largest city in Australia, and it is located on the coast, so there are beautiful beaches, as well as a harbour to see. You can visit the Sydney Opera House, which is located on the harbour, and also check out the Harbour Bridge while you are there. You can get a ride on one of the ferries that go around the city. Be sure that while in Sydney, you check out the most famous beach, Bondi Beach. Sydney is also the financial centre of Australia. If you want to hang out in a city where there is always something going on, whether it be a festival or hanging out at a theatre, Sydney is the place to be. It is, however, one of the most expensive places to live in Australia, so bear that in mind.



Melbourne is another big city in Australia, but it is far more liveable than Sydney. You will see that in Melbourne, there is so much culture to take in. There are over 200 different nationalities and cultures of people living in the city. Most of the people here are under the age of 35 and there is always something fun going on. There is tons of fashion and music in Melbourne and you’re still not too far from the beach.



Brisbane is a nice city to live in or visit if you are in Australia, but it is not as popular as the other mentioned cities. It is not located on a beach, but rather a mangrove and the nearest actual beach is about an hour away. There is a manmade beach in the city at the South Bank Parklands, if you are desperate for a bit of a beach day. The city is known for being modern and having lots to do and see. Brisbane is still more affordable than Sydney or Melbourne and is also easier to navigate in.



If you are wanting to live in a place that is more like a town than a city, Adelaide is a great place for you. It is a more relaxed and laid back ‘big town’ than other cities in Australia. Adelaide is close to so many different beaches and is only an hour and a half from the Kangaroo Island, where there is plenty of wildlife for you to see. You will see that in Adelaide, there are also plenty of vineyards and that you can basically get anywhere you need to go in a car in less than 20 minutes.



Perth is a really isolated city in Australia, and it is said that it would take a day and 8 hours to drive from there to Adelaide, but the isolation is not a bad thing. Perth is actually a thriving city with much to do and see for people living there and even tourists. There are many different beaches in fairly close proximity. There are tons of mineral resources in Perth which help the economy and make it a great place to live.


Australia is a big continent with so many beautiful places to visit or even life. Now that you know a bit about the five best Australian cities, you can make a properly informed decision as to where it is you want to visit or even move. If you can’t decide, check them all out and then make your decision!


Feature photo credit: Charlievdb via photopin cc