Shopping for others can be a challenge, especially teenage girls whose tastes are constantly changing. It can be hard to predict what they are going to like but there are a few things that you can be sure will put a smile on their face!

Lip balm – Everyone gets chapped lips so these are always appreciated. Depending on the girl you can get something plain or something with more flavor and color.

Candles – Everyone likes to walk into a nice smelling bedroom. Classics like vanilla and lavender are always nice.

Flat Iron – Many girls enjoy doing their hair but teenagers can’t always afford hair tools. A high quality flat iron will be appreciated.

Exfoliates – Teenage girls are starting to enjoy “girly” things and exfoliating is one of them. It’s nice to have soft skin.

Nail Care – Nail polish, files, clippers, toe separators, anything along these lines is a great idea. Being able to give yourself at home pedicure or manicure is especially fun when they can have their other friends over to join in!

Phone Accessories – Most teenage girls love their cellphones. Buying them things to go along with it such as a phone case, ear phones, screen protectors and what not are always a good idea.

Jewelry – This will depend on the girls taste but if you know her pretty well then you can surely pick out a nice necklace or pair of earrings that she will enjoy wearing.

Clothing – No matter what her interests are, clothes are a good idea. It could be a dress, active wear like shorts or sporty tank tops, or cool pants. Any type of clothes are always appreciated.

Jewelry Tree – These are lovely to hang necklaces and bracelets on. They also look beautiful in a young girls room!

Stationery – Depending on the age, the girls may be headed off to college or already there. Stationery is a great idea so that they can write to their friends from high school to keep in touch. It’s a great form of communication and so much more meaningful than a text!

Portable Charger – Teenage girls likely go through their phone battery quickly. A portable phone charge will be appreciated so they always have a way to keep their phone on.

Book – Even people who don’t enjoy reading usually have at least one genre they usually enjoy. Some teen girls might not yet know what that is so this is your opportunity to open their eyes to something they might really enjoy!

Journal – Teen girls have a lot going on so giving them a place to write and process everything is truly thoughtful. Even if they aren’t much of a writer, the journal could be used for doodling, note taking in class, or keeping to-do lists!