The Serengeti certainly holds a magic for some people which attracts them year after year, many people choose to visit areas of the Serengeti where the Wildebeest Migration will be (it moves around the Serengeti all year) – others choose to spend time in a more remote area of the Serengeti. Lion prides and other predators are all territorial so they do not move far with the Migration – this means that certain areas of the Serengeti are always fantastic for game viewing. Arguably one of the most scenic areas of the Serengeti is the Southern Plains – the Southern Serengeti is a hot spot for the migration between December and March but is a good stop off all year, especially when you are on route to the Northern Serengeti with a private guide. Here we describe the top four properties located in the Southern Serengeti.



lake masek2

Lake Masek Tented Camp is a remote and wild tented camp set on the banks of Lake Masek – this area is worth a look all year as it is dramatic, remote and beautiful but it particularly comes into it’s own during January, February and March as the Wildebeest Migration flocks into this area to give birth. This means the game viewing down here is exceptional, but as mentioned it can also provide a lovely lake side stop on your way into the central or Northern Serengeti.


kusini camp2

Kusini Camp was recently refurbished and it looks stunning – the tents are very luxurious and the area is it based in is stunning – it will take your breath away. There is game here all year but Kusini particularly comes alive when the mega herds of the wildebeest migration arrive in early December. Kusini guides are some of the best in the business and many happy days are spent on top of rocks watching the action unfold below you.


pioneer camp2

Pioneer Camp is luxurious and chic, running a very smooth luxury safari option on the plains of the Southern Serengeti. The camp is new and glamorous and definitely suited to those that really like the finer things in life. It is small and intimate and days spent round the campfire are always enjoyable. Game viewing here is fantastic and it too can be a great stop off on your way North.


serengeti safari camp2

Serengeti Safari Camp is one of the best mobile camps in the Serengeti – it moves to follow the wildebeest migration so you know you’ll always be in the thick of it. The camp recently had a soft refurb and is now quirky, luxurious and has the most wonderful atmosphere as do all of the Nomad camps (Nomad Tanzania run Serengeti Safari Camp), as well as having some of the best guides in the business. Serengeti Safari Camp is one of the most popular camps in all of Tanzania, not least because of it’s incredibly homely atmosphere and welcoming staff, you will feel very much part of the family and will never want to leave.