Summer is here, the day trip is well and truly back on the agenda. Drives down to the seaside, country walks and lazy afternoons in the park have all become an important part of our culture over the years and many people recognise a day out as a great way to spend some quality family time together.


Why settle for a picnic when you can have a BBQ?

It seems that a compulsory part of the great day out is sustenance. We all love our food and in the past this meant a blanket-packed wicker hamper full of scones, butter, various flavours of jam, an assortment of sandwiches and a bottle of wine – which invariably goes back to your house intact due to the fact you forgot the corkscrew. Again.

The reason we like to take food is not purely because we are greedy gannets, it is that having some home comforts on hand in the middle of the countryside helps to create a nice relaxed atmosphere and brings an air of civilization to the expedition.

However, you do not need to simply settle for cold food on your day trips. In recent years, many people have been warming to the idea of talking barbecues out with them. Portable BBQs allow you to have freshly-cooked food, just like you would enjoy at home or in your garden, and require little effort or preparation on your part.

Many people opt for disposable BBQs, but these can cause problems. Some parks have banned them after too many instances of scorched grass and the primitive nature of their design means that if you fail to get it lit and keep it lit, you’re going to be hungry and will probably have to take out a second mortgage to buy a packet of crisps at the service station on the way home.


Permanent portability

What you need to enjoy perfectly-cooked steaks on the go is a high-quality, purpose-built portable barbecue. Fortunately, barbecue manufacturers are savvy sorts and have come up with models that are ideal to put in the boot and fire up once you have found a suitably stunning location.

One perfect example of this is the Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal, which as the name rather succinctly implies, you can cook anywhere with. The BBQ is designed by Weber, so you know that it is going to last a lot longer and be cheaper over time than years of buying disposable barbecues.

It features a unique space-saving design that has been updated to include all the latest innovations in grilling technology. Within the compact package you’ll find a weather-proof handle with a protective heat shield, a fire and rust-resistant lid and bowl – which have a ten-year guarantee – and a triple-plated, extremely durable, rust-resistant cooking grate. What’s more, it includes that all-important fold-away cooking stand, which raises the barbecue and prevents you from burning grasslands and having a damp derriere due to some rather awkward sat-down cooking.


photo credit: WanderingtheWorld ( via photopin cc