Holidays are meant to peaceful, relaxing escapes from the hustle of the everyday routine. For some people that means exploring a new city, for others it means sprawling out on a sunny beach for a week, moving only to dip a toe on the ocean or order another cocktail. When it comes to winter holidays, there are few more rejuvenating getaways than comfy, cosy, adventurous and active ski chalet holidays. Winter ski getaways are good for mind, body and soul.


Staying Active

Ski holidays typically include the actual act of skiing. Not only is this great cardio exercise, challenging the body in incredibly satisfying ways, it’s also a chance to explore gorgeous landscapes. Skiing allows holidaymakers to reach staggering peaks, to take in stunning vistas and breath in fresh clean air high in the mountains. The journey down a piste is gorgeous and fun and at the end of the day the endorphins are in full swing after a full day’s work out.


Rest and Relaxation

Ski chalets are the perfect base for a winter holiday. Whether it’s a fully functional resort or a self-catering chalet tucked into the woods, there’s nothing more relaxing than snuggling up next to a crackling fire with a glass of wine, great company or even a good book. Self-catering chalets are perfect for holidaymakers who like to prepare an elegant aperitif or a home cooked meal after a long day out on the pastas. Many ski resorts have spa amenities and cosy lounges and restaurants which are great for indulging in some professional rest and relaxation with a massage at the end of a long day on the mountain, a nice long sit in a sauna or a dip in a hot tub.



Holidays are great ways to meet new people and ski holidays are incredibly social. Après ski drinks and nibbles in any number of local establishments will reveal people abuzz with energy and excitement from the days adventures. Chatting with new people about pistes, resorts or other ski related chatter can quickly lead to new friendships. Meeting up with new friends on pistes for a day of skiing together is a great way to bond and to explore new parts of a resort that were previously unknown.


Ski holidays offer the best of everything; they’re active, social but also relaxing. Ski holidays are perfect for all types of people the world over from beginners to experts. No matter the skill level, there’s always a piste to come down and a warm cosy chalet to come home to.


Image: Mr Moss via photopin cc