Imagine having a space that’s just yours, where you can relax in a way that suits you.

When presented with that suggestion, of course, we’ll all be thinking of different things.

Perhaps you love books, and want somewhere to curl up with one in peace and comfort?

It could be that you’re more active and enjoy chilling out by doing some yoga when you’ve been at work all day.

These are just two of the many chill out options that you could use high-style garden rooms from Green Retreats for. (Find their website here.)

Designing a space for yourself with the help of this great company is a wonderful way to make a relaxation room that’s perfect for your needs.

It could, for example, help provide extra space that your house doesn’t already have, in the form of a room in the garden, made to a size that suits you and your space.

So you could well end up with a space suitable for a yoga room – storing your mats in here and using a music system to play chill-out tunes while you strike your poses in-between classes.

Or the addition of a rowing machine and exercise bike, for example, could create a home gym that means you can do much more in the way of workouts at home without giving up the use of any of the property’s current rooms.

A reading room could be formed in a relatively small garden room. You’ll want maximum natural light (easy with such well thought-out window options) of course, and maybe an extra lamp, a bookcase or shelf for storing a few favourite reads and, more important, somewhere to slump and enjoy gazing at the pages!

Or how about a music room? This is one option where the fact the retreat will be separate from the home could become all the more useful, helping keep your practice private and meaning you won’t be distracted by other people’s noise while you play.

Part of the reason that these sorts of spaces might work particularly well as garden rooms is psychological – you’ll feel like you have a whole building to yourself to relax in, not just a room in a larger house.

By taking the trip through the garden to your space, you’ll be heading on a journey towards relaxation every time. And, within certain parameters, Green Retreats garden rooms provide the ability to create a room that’s sized precisely right for its use.

Other things people do to chill out include art and crafts – and, often situated in the inspirational setting of your own garden, garden rooms can make excellent workshops to use for this hobby or pastime.

The process of having the space installed is also primed for chill-out, as the build happens surprisingly swiftly, leaving you free to get down to the important task of chilling out before you know it!