Many people dread the winter because it is cold and flu season. As a mom, I know I do, because I hate to see my little one sick and know that I can’t really do much for her. Taking her to the doctor for a common cold doesn’t do much good either, as they always say things are viral and cannot give her medication for it, unless it’s a head cold or a sinus infection. In the long run, I know it’s all the better, because I don’t want her to become tolerant to medications or antibiotics, in case she ever really needs them, so I try to find home remedies to make her feel better. Of course, I use these remedies when I am sick, as well. Here are a few ways that you can help to alleviate some of the symptoms of a common cold with things you already have in your home. 


Drink Tons of Liquids

One of the best ways to help with a cold is to drink something. Hot tea by itself is always great, but adding honey and lemon to it can be really helpful and soothing. You can also drink water, which is a great way to stay hydrated, fruit juice or even some chicken broth or soup. It is best that you avoid milk and other dairy products while you are sick, as they tend to be a bit thicker and may congest you more.

Inhale Steam

Inhaling some steam is a great way to help with congestion that comes with the common cold. You can boil a pot of water and inhale that steam or even open up your dishwasher after the dishes are washed and are in the drying cycle. Additionally, you can take a hot shower and inhale a bit in there. That will also help you to breathe better.

Up Your Vitamin Intake

Vitamin C is a great preventer but if you feel a cold coming on dose up! Either with vitamin C tablets, drinking a tonne of orange juice or using an effervescent sachet.


Colds certainly can be a nuisance and you may think there is no relief, but there is. These home remedies can help you to feel better, faster and you probably have everything you need right inside your home. Who said you can’t be your own doctor?

Feature photo credit: stevendepolo via photopin cc