Death. It’s not something we like to talk about. But once you have kids it’s important to put in place a suitable plan for the unlikely event of an accident or illness that results in your sudden death. Planning for your future when you’re not a part of it can be a really difficult thing to do. Take some time out and formulate a plan, along with your partner, so that you’re know your children are in the best possible position if you’re not around to care for them.


Create a Will

Creating a will is essential. You want to make sure your children are the beneficiaries of all your assets. You might look into setting up some form of trust so that your assets are looked after until your children are at an age where they can manage these themselves. A good family lawyer can help you out in this regard. There are heaps of lawyers available. Ive heard about Prime Lawyers before as an example of law firms, but I also recommend checking out government sites like this one for good information too


Choose a Guardian

Have a serious discussion with your partner about who should look after your children if neither of you are around to do so. Who gets the job of bringing up your little ones? A parent or sibling is probably the first choice but do think about the family lifestyle you want your child to have. Who would they be better off with? Who will raise them in a consistent way with your parenting style? Talk to your selected guardian about things like the schools you plan on sending your children to, whether you want religion to play a part in their lives, the importance of college etc. Sett out a “life plan” for them in accordance with how you want them raised.


Have a Discussion

Of course the most important people in this equation are your children. If they’re old enough, have a discussion with them about what the plan is and include them in any decision making.


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