Every girl dreams of the day that your significant other would go down on one knee and eventually pop the question. Of course you would imagine what your ideal ring may be, a notable prerequisite would be something with diamonds, big, and shiny. Then things like carats and clarity come into mind. But did you know that engagement rings are more about your personality? Your personality dictates the styles that go best for you – if you’re quirky, girly, traditional, or tomboyish, there is one for you.

When you go online you’ll be faced with multiple quizzes on which ring is best for your personality. However, if you want to skip the quizzes and just read through the types of rings, you’ve come to the right place!

If you are more like an elegant and traditional girl, one who is more like Charlotte from Sex and the City, the perfect ring type for you is a solitaire ring – which is typically one diamond set in the ring. This is the most popular engagement ring (so far) and from Michael Hill has the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.

Another option is the three-stone ring, which is quite explanatory, three gemstones highlight the ring. These types can get a bit pricier, but it comes with more meaning. Apparently the three stones highlight the past, the present and the future.

For the outgoing and glamorous girl, the life of the party, the perfect type is the halo ring. Halos are usually round cut stones surrounded by smaller stones. They are called halos because the gem actually stands out, like you! Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is actually classified as a halo ring, just in case you want to be a princess too!

If you’re more Audrey Hepburn and romantic – opt for the vintage, a more timely beauty that can last through the ages.

For the posh girl who loves everything designer or who just likes things over the top, you can opt for the pave – which has a high sparkle factor as the band almost can’t be seen from the number of gems that surround it.

If you are more contemporary and don’t like the traditional rings, then you can go for swirl. Swirls can be designed in a way that your wedding band would fit into the design and make it look like you’re wearing one ring instead of two.

Need more information and want to take a test? You can check out Huffington Post’s quiz

Of course, once you pick the engagement ring type, you’ll have to decide on the cut that you want for your gem – be it round, heart, emerald, teardrop, the pear, the oval, and more!

Then again, these can just be given as hints to your beau – hopefully he remembered your preference when he goes to the jeweler and eventually gives it to you!