In life, we have all learned to set goals. Some goals may seem totally unrealistic, and that is okay, because they are dreams. Sometimes, dreams come true and you can certainly help them to do so by making a dream board. Dream boards are fun ways to help you keep your goals in view and to help you reach them as well. Besides, making a dream board can be a lot of fun to do and is something you can even do with your child, if you have one. After all, we’re always told to follow our dreams and this is a great way to do so.

Gather What You Will Need

You will want to get a large piece of cardboard or plain, white painter’s canvas to use to construct your dream board. Of course, you will also need scissors and glue (or a hot glue gun!) and some pictures to use. You can collect magazines or look online for pictures that relate to your goals and dreams. Anything you can look at that will motivate you will work perfectly.

Finding Images

Think about every goal you have set for yourself. Think about your dreams. These are the things you will want to put on your dream board. You can incorporate some motivational things as well when you are making your dream board. For example, if your goal is to attend a certain college or university, print off some pictures of the school and glue them to your dream board. If you have a job that you hope to have in the future, you can also include that on your dream board. Include some fun stuff too. Include pictures of places you want to visit, things you want to own or do in a lifetime or even a car you want to have when you get older. These are all things to work towards and should definitely be on your dream board.

Decorate It

The most fun part of the dream board is decorating it. Have fun making photo borders with scrapbooking pape. You can add some stickers or even use rubber stampers to decorate your dream board. Ribbon, buttons and other small trinkets can be added by using a hot glue gun, as well. There are no limits to what you can do when you decorate your dream board. When you’re finished decorating, you can hang it up.
The great thing about having a dream board is that when you feel a little down or like you have no motivation, you can take a look at it and regain your focus. Your dream board will help you to remember what you are working for and can motivate you to do so. Plus, making one is so much fun!

Feature photo credit: peregrine blue via photopin cc