London could very well be the greatest city on the planet. It’s been the centre of the English-speaking world for centuries and has a wealth of history, art and culture to explore. Now home to an incredibly diverse population, London is a multi-cultural mega city with all the benefits that goes along with it – food, colour, excitement.  London  retains much of it’s British charm thanks to the monarchy and stiff upper classes which adds another layer entirely. With so much to take in, if you can’t have a good time in London, there’s something wrong with you!

As a tourist, I could easily spend a week in London whatever the weather. West End shows are one of the best parts of visiting London. Nothing beats seeing an Andrew Lloyd Webber spectacular like “The Phantom of the Opera” or one of the modern classics like “Wicked” live on stage. Try getting cheap tickets on the day at the ticket booth in Leicester Square.

If you’re looking for a hotel in London check out Pick a hotel based on walking distance to a Tube station, especially if you’re visiting in the Winter. London can be cold and dark in the winter months with the sun setting before 5pm so be prepared. Surprisingly, London is a really walkable city. While the London Underground is a great way to get around, you’d be surprised at how close a lot of the main tourist attractions are together. Use this handy map to ascertain whether it’s quicker to walk between Tube stations or take the extra transfer. Sometimes it’s a lot quicker to walk! Just don’t forget your umbrella.

While we’re on the subject of walking, one of the best things to do in London is a walking tour. The best of the best is the Jack the Ripper walk through the East End suburbs where the Ripper stalked the streets in the late 1800s. If that’s too spooky for you could try a pub walk, a Beatles walk or a Harry Potter walk. Walks only cost £9 per person.

There’s so much you can do for free in London. Many of the museums and galleries are completely free. If you’re an art lover like me you will love the National Portrait Gallery with works by masters like Van Dyck – one of the greatest portrait painters ever to live, not to mention a collection of classic Rembrandt right down to modern photography exhibits. If you’re more of a history buff, head for the Imperial War Museum or Natural History Museum which is great for kids.

If you like to eat (and who doesn’t?) there is more than enough to satisfy you in London. Of course there are the usual culinary staples like fabulous Italian, Thai and Japanese restaurants, why not try something a little out of the box? In a big city like London you can try restaurants serving Jamaican, Austrian and, my personal favourite, Ghanian food. Don’t forget about the London classics like jellied eels, pub meals and fish & chips.

So, what are you waiting for? London awaits!

Feature photo credit: Trois Têtes (TT) via photopin cc