Mothers’ Day is just around the corner. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home with the family and to be treated a little extra special this Sunday. While my daughter is still young, spoiling Mum on Mothers’ Day is really Dad’s job. Now, I don’t like to tell him what to do, but I can put together a few ideas to give him a hint!


Here’s my wish list for a perfect Mothers’ Day:


Breakfast in Bed

Not getting woken up early and being on-duty is key to a great Mothers’ Day. Like most Mums my day usually starts early, too early, so any opportunity to have a lie in is seen as a treat. After a lazy sleep in, breakfast in bed is to be enjoyed. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just tea and toast and I’d be happy. I’d be happy with any small present for Mothers’ Day but a homemade card to accompany my breakfast tray would be lovely.


Fresh Flowers

Nothing says “I love you” or I care about you that a beautiful bunch of flowers. Ordering a gorgeous, colourful bouquet of flowers to be delivered from would be a great idea for all the Dad’s out there. Book it in now so you don’t forget! Have a look at the Fresh Flowers Facebook Page to get some ideas of bouquets I might like. Hint hint.


A Long Walk

Quality time outdoors should feature in any weekend itinerary. My family and I love a long walk in the park or along the waterfront on a Sunday afternoon. Mothers’ Day should be no exception. Let’s hope the weather holds out.


Afternoon Movies

Family-friendly movie afternoons cuddled up on the couch… what could be better? This weekend we’re skipping the cartoons though and Mum gets to choose. I love the classics like “The Sound of Music” and hope my daughter will enjoy them with me.


A Soak in the Tub

While Dad takes care of bedtime, I get to soak in a deep, bubble bath with a good book and a glass of wine. Peace and quiet is what many Mums don’t get enough of on a daily basis. We could all do with a little more “me time”!