The term “Foo Dogs” is used for a pair of Fengshui characters known for making our homes more peaceful and keeping them protected from everything that’s evil. The expression “Foo” was either derived from the Chinese word “Fó”, which means Lord Buddha, or from “Fu”, which means prosperity or blessings. Although referred to as “dogs”, the Fu Dogs are not really dogs. They are a blend of lion and dragon; according to Chinese mythology, lions and dragons are creatures boasting extraordinary powers. These characters are called “dogs” possibly because of their resemblance with Chow Chow dogs, a dog breed native to North China.

What Do the Foo Dogs Do? 

Foo Dogs are characters known for possessing amazing powers for defense and protection. People in China have been using them for guarding palaces, homes, and workplaces almost since the beginning of times. What’s truly inspiring is that the popularity of these characters as protectors of homes hasn’t diminished a bit even today.

Fu Dogs should always be kept in pairs, which include one male and one female. The male comes with a ball, which represents his might and his ability to have the world under his paw. The female, on the other hand, comes with a cub; this represents the character’s nurturing nature.

Fengshui is known for promoting harmony and balance. In this case, the pair of Foo Dogs represents the balance between Yin and Yang. The female Fu Dog represents Yin, while the male Foo Dog represents Yang. Placing the pair in your home will not only make it safe but will also make it a more suitable place for functioning and living harmoniously.

Experts suggest that the Fu Dogs boost the power of identifying the intentions of people entering your premises. Placing them in your home would ensure that no one would be able to cause any harm to any of the occupants. The male Foo Dog works by warding off negative energies, while the female will keep you (and your family) protected from all sorts of dangers. However, it’s important to remember that for enjoying the benefits of having these characters in your home, you must place them perfectly. The male should always be on the right, while the female should be on the left. Read on to know more about the placement of Fu Dogs.

About the placement of Fu Dogs 

Fengshui associates different colors with different directions. This makes the color of your Fu Dogs the main deciding factor when it comes to picking the right position for them. Go for a multi-colored pair, if your home’s main door faces the west or south. The multi-colored Fu Dogs are known for bringing in lots of positive energy and also enhances the luck of the occupants. Multi-colored pairs made of porcelain are known for exuding serenity and peace. They would show great results irrespective of the place you keep them in. Ideally, you should keep them at a place that requires maximum protection.

If your home’s main door faces south, you can also go for a pair of golden Fu Dogs. A golden pair symbolizes protection, power, and wealth, the three essential factors of a peaceful life. Buy a pair of metal Foo Dogs for guarding the north, northwest, and west facing premises. For those who don’t know, these three directions symbolize water and metal. Never commit the mistake of placing metal Fu Dogs facing east because east symbolizes wood, which happens to have a conflict with the element metal. If your Foo Dogs are green in color, keep them outside your building facing south, east, or southeast.

Things to consider with Fu Dogs  

Never keep the Foo Dogs with their back facing the entrance of your premises. Doing so can end up harming you instead of making your home peaceful. Once you place the Fu Dogs, make sure you and your family members treat them respectfully. Ideally, you and other occupants of your home should thank and pat them for making your home peaceful and safe every day. It is said that if you don’t have a sincere and clear reason for placing the Foo Dogs in your home, you will not be benefited by them. For being benefited, you must have complete faith in these characters and believe that they will protect you.