Sometimes a cake, whether it’s a cupcake, a cake pop or a multi-layered celebration cake, needs a little flourish to really bring it to life. At this time of year, letting the summer days be your inspiration can be a great way to spice up your creativity. With flower paste you can create virtually any decoration you can imagine, even if you’re not an expert sugar crafter.

Flower paste butterflies are easy to make, and can be modelled to give a sense of movement and energy to your cakes. Follow these simple steps.

What You’ll Need

You don’t need a lot of fancy tools or products to make butterflies:

• White flower paste
• Butterfly plunger cutters
• Icing sugar
• Lustre dust
• Stiff card

That’s it. Wondering what the card is for? Read on.

Making Your Butterflies

Before you start making the butterflies take a strip of stiff card and fold it in half lengthways. Then fold each edge back on itself. You should have an M-shaped length of card. This is where you’ll keep your butterflies until they have hardened.

1. Dust down your work surface with icing sugar to make sure your flower paste doesn’t stick and tear.
2. Knead your flower paste until it is soft and pliable.
3. When it’s ready, roll out your paste to a depth of a bout 2-3mm.
4. Press out your butterflies, then smooth the edges of each one with your finger to mend any tears or rough spots.
5. Using a clean paintbrush gently add some lustre dust to your butterflies. This gives them a natural, shimmery appearance and will make them look gorgeous in the summer sunlight.
6. Transfer all your flower paste butterflies to your card drying rack. Bend the wings up and rest each one in the V-shape trough running down the length of your card rack.
7. Leave your butterflies to dry overnight.

Once the butterflies have dried they can be fixed to any cake. On cupcakes with frosting they can be simply pressed into the buttercream a little.

To fix them to a cake covered with a fondant icing brush a little cooled, boiled water onto the back of the flower paste butterflies and put in place.

If you’re adding them to a cake pop that is covered in melted confectioners’ chocolate then a small blob of melted chocolate will act as a glue to stick the your butterflies in place.

When it comes to making decorations for your cakes and bakes you can’t beat Renshaw flower paste Grab a pack and try these butterflies before exploring more intricate projects.