We live in a world with two kinds of people in it. First, you have introverts and then you have extroverts. Of course, you have probably heard of both of these terms before, but you are just not sure what they mean. First of all, introverts are people who create their own energy and don’t have the desire to spend it on something they will consider wasteful, such as talking to an annoying person. Extroverts are people who get their energy from the people around them. Both of these types of people need to be dealt with differently and learning how can be a challenge. Here are ways that you can learn to deal with introverts and extroverts differently.


Dealing with an Introvert

I myself tend to be quite the introvert and have been since high school. I found the other kids to be annoying and wastes of time. I preferred to work alone, rather than in a group. It was just my thing. So, I know how to deal with introverts. The first thing you will want to do is to make an introvert feel welcome and accepted. Once you have done so, you can say hi and tell them anything you want to say, but don’t make it gossipy. After you do, go back to whatever it was that you were previously doing and let the introvert make the next move. If you make them feel comfortable and they know they won’t be wasting their precious energy on you, they will talk to you until their energy is gone.


Dealing with an Extrovert

Extroverts dislike being alone because they feel that alone time drains their energy. They gain their energy from the people around them, so they need to be around people to feel content. You can deal with an extrovert simply by letting them shine. Always encourage them and let them dive right in when they want to. You should always encourage their enthusiasm and never try to hold them back. Extroverts love compliments and surprises and enjoy these things most in the company of others.


Introverts and extroverts are completely different types of people and deserve to be respected and treated properly. If you were unaware of how to treat them both differently, you now have an idea. Respect is always the most important thing to remember and you will do just fine!


Feature photo credit: lecercle via photopin cc