Interior design is really important. Your house is the place where you should feel most at home, and that means that it needs to reflect your personality, likes, style, and aesthetic.

One thematic choice that appeals to many is a vintage look. Those interiors that evoke images of grand Georgian country homes, elegant Tudor piles, or exquisite Victorian townhouses call to the sophisticated, the romantic, and the artistic, capturing a magical sense of lost grandeur, delicate manners, and finely tuned sensitivities.

However, recreating such a look can prove challenging. Although many of us drool over beautiful vintage interiors in magazines, few of us know how to replicate them in our own homes. To help you out, here are three top style tips that you might find useful…

Step #1: Choose Your Fabrics Carefully 

Although a vintage aesthetic encompasses a number of time periods and styles, when we think of bygone days, many of us imagine long, floating dresses, diaphanous fabrics, and a delicate palette, and this makes choosing the right materials essential. Windows should be hung with only the lightest and finest fabrics to create an ethereal vintage look. White, cream, and pastel shades are perfect, although pale floral designs are also in vogue. Imagine sunlight spilling through the window of a Georgian country pile and you’ve nailed it.

Step #2: Restore or Recreate Period Features

Period features will also go a long way towards helping you recapture the elegance and sophistication of bygone eras. Crafted by expert hands in long ago days, they’ll contain the perfect blend of artistry and romanticism, so those with period homes should do their best to restore them to their former glory. Fireplaces and wall friezes have often been replaced, but many older properties will still feature original windows that can be refreshed with a simple lick of paint. For those who are not fortunate enough to have period pieces to work with, the installation of vintage replicas, such as sash windows from retailers like Mighton, will still go a long way towards helping you to create your dream home.

Step #3: Pick Up Some Antique Accents

Finishing the look is easy: you need some genuine antique accents. With so many beautiful pieces to choose from, shopping is a delight, and you can pick up some fantastic finds for incredibly low prices. Boasting uniqueness, exquisite detailing, and incredible artistry, these little touches are the perfect way to transform your property from a victim of modern-day mass consumerism to a shrine to antiquated elegance. From mirrors to dining sets, armoires, and hat racks, you can transform your home with pieces that you really love.

Be bold, and create your perfect period property today.

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