Everything is just so expensive these days, so  it is no wonder that everyone is worried about being employed. In fact, you do not even hear of many stay-at-home moms these days because it is difficult to make ends meet with just one person trying to support a family. Just because you are working, however, does not mean that your income is making that much of a difference. In fact, it can be more costly for you to have a job than it would be for you to stay at home with your children all day. When you go out to work, you have to worry about clothing for work, lunch, coffee, gas to commute and so much more. So, considering all of the expenses you have for your job, is it really worth it? Let’s take a look. 

What Does It Cost?

When you go to work, you’re not just going to make money. No, you’re also spending part of your paycheck before you even get it, and this is something not many people realize. You have to pay to put gas in your car to get back and forth to work. Gas is not cheap and depending on how far you have to travel to get to and from work, you may be going through quite a bit. Then, once you get to work, you probably have to pay for parking, unless you have a parking permit or your place of employment has  its own parking lot.  No matter where you work, you have to dress the part. Some employers, like a fast food chain, may provide their employees with uniforms, but if you are working in a professional setting, you have to buy your own clothing, which can turn out to be pretty costly. You’ll also have to buy shoes and accessories to go with your work clothes, because who doesn’t? As if that’s still not enough, you need to either buy your lunch out or spend the money to specially pack something to eat, and you’ll more than likely spend money on coffee each day to keep you going. Adding all of this up at the end of the week takes a big chunk right out of your paycheck.

What About Childcare?

If you have a child that you have to leave home while you work, that is something you need to think about, too. You will have to pay someone to come and babysit your child, or you will have to pay for daycare. Daycare costs are always on the rise and if you have to leave your child at day care all day, five days a week, it almost defeats the purpose of you going out to work, especially if you are only making minimum wage.  If you’re making a higher income, this may not be such a big deal to you, or you may even be lucky enough to have a parent or friend who does not work that can stay with your child, but more times than not, that is not an option and you will have to pay for childcare.

With those factors in mind, you may see that working is costing you almost as much if not more than what you are actually making. If you are spending more than what you are bringing in, it may be in your best interest to get a different job. Perhaps you may even continue your education so that you can get a better, higher paying job and leave your worries in the future. If you’re only going into debt by working, look for a new job!

Feature photo credit: Kevin_Morris via photopin cc