Eating healthy is so important, especially because you only get one body. That’s right, just one, and you have to live with it and the choices you make for it. Sure, it may be easy to consume a ton of fast food. It is convenient, but it is packed with grease and calories. In general, it’s just not good for your body. When you are travelling, you may think eating healthy is completely out of the question, but there are simple ways that you can still eat healthy and avoid blowing your diet. Here are some tips to help you do it. 


Pack Food for the Journey

If you’re worried about not finding healthy food to eat while you’re on the road, you can always pack food to take with you. Prepare your food and put it into a cooler with some ice. When you get hungry, just pull it out and eat it in the car, or stop at a rest stop and have a snack. This can also be a great way to save a few bucks and avoid consuming calories you’ll regret later.


Think About it in Advance

Come up with a few meal ideas in advance that you can make without cooking. Bring along your own plate, bowl, fork or spoon (or just borrow one from room service). If you can get to a supermarket before heading to your hotel room for the night you can grab a few essentials and come up with a meal in minutes. Pre-packed salads are a great choice, throw in some tuna or cooked chicken and you’ve got a healthy hotel room meal. Hit up the salad or soup bar at Wholefoods if you need something on-the-go.


Stick to Soups & Salads

If you have to eat out, stick with soups and salads. Lots of restaurants these days have at least a few healthy options on the menu. Soups and salads are always a good starting point. Go for anything packed with vegies and avoid fried food like the plague.


Allow Yourself to Splurge

If you are on the road and you’re visiting a city, such as Philadelphia, that is famous for its cheese steaks, there is no reason why you cannot have one. Even if you are on a diet, allow yourself one non-diet meal and don’t feel guilty about it. Sure, you may consume a few extra calories, but you can continue your diet with the next meal and you can always do a little extra exercise to make up for your treat.


Eating healthy will always be important. It is easy to eat healthy when you’re at home, because you have access to your own kitchen and you can easily prepare your own meals, but you can always eat healthy even when you’re not at home and out on the road. Remember that fast food chains now offer healthier options, and if you’re unsure about them, you can always pack your own food to take with you. Always allow yourself to treat yourself to one meal that’s not on your diet plan once in a while, too. It won’t hurt!


Feature photo credit: *Zoha.Nve via photopin cc