Salt Lake City is a bustling metropolis on a beautiful mountain valley. With enough unique features to catch anyone’s interest, the question when traveling through this popular location is how to see exactly what you want, as easily as possible. This is a guide for doing just that!


Image via Flickr by Robbo-Man.

Best Deals on Quality Hotels

It’s hard to focus on what awaits you outside your hotel when you’re disappointed with what’s inside it. Fortunately, this city has several great hotels that are sure to hit the sweet spot of affordability, convenient location, and great service. These discounted hotels in Salt Lake City offers an airport shuttle to get you there quickly and easily. It is close to the Tabernacle, a great spot for anyone interested in grand architecture, or beautiful songs at the choir. Speaking of which…

See the Temple Square

If the Tabernacle’s history and artistic wonder is your main interest when staying in Salt Lake City, then you’ll want to book a place to stay that’s close to Temple Square. This way you can get to the showings on time and quickly get back to your hotel if you don’t intend to shop. Little America Hotel is an affordable business lodging with free Wi-Fi and parking. It is also close to Temple Square.

Ideal Times to Visit Salt Lake City

Want to visit Salt Lake City at its cleanest and quietest? You’ll want to stay around early fall in September or October, or late spring like April or May if you have no interest in snow. Whenever you plan to visit, Hipmunk is ideal for booking flights to Salt Lake City or anywhere else. Hipmunk searches and ranks flights based on the best combinations of price, flight duration, layovers, and even your own schedule.

If you are staying downtown, consider the Red Lion Hotel Salt Lake Downtown, a business-friendly hotel less than a mile from the symphony hall. This hotel is a great choice, as it features an airport shuttle, free parking, and complimentary Wi-Fi. With 37-inch televisions, a hot tub if you upgrade, and the bustling location, you get a lot for a little. The hotel even allows certain pets.

The Great Salt Lake

Finally, a first time visitor to Salt Lake City should see the largest salt lake in the West. The salt makes people buoyant in the water, so it’s easy to swim or float. If you consider going to Antelope Island State Park, know that it’s about 40 miles north of the city, and the hotels can dip in quality out of the city center.

Whether it’s for chilling slopes, the brilliant architecture, or the Great Salt Lake itself, the best trip to Salt Lake City is one where you have a plan and save yourself time and money. Have any tips for staying in Salt Lake City? Go ahead and share them below!

Author Bio: Shane Hall is a writer and contributor to Hipmunk who has traveled from coast to coast across the United States and finds inspiration in every new place. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida, a state entirely on sea level, and consequently loves any place with rolling hills and mountains.