Have you ever flown indirect? If you have, you’ll probably be one of the many people who now consider it a very real part of a holiday plan. There was a time when no-one would even consider going around the houses a little, but these days you can often save a considerable amount on your travel plans by using an indirect flight option.

If you can combine a cheap indirect flight with a deal on airport parking, you’ll be quids in before you even leave the house.

I did this recently, so I can vouch for it. I maximised my savings by booking Gatwick airport parking with parking specialists ParkBCP, and in conjunction with my indirect flight, I saved over £100 on the cost of my journey.

Of course there are downsides to connecting flights, but if you’re prepared to embrace them, you’ll save money. The main downside I found was that occasionally you’ll have a few hours’ wait at your connecting airport, but I used this to stretch my legs, bathroom break, another browse around duty free, and it also meant I had time to find my next departure gate without worrying and having to run from one of end of the airport to the other. It also meant if my first flight was delayed by a slight amount of time, I was still okay to catch my connection.

The best advice in this case is to make sure you book travel insurance, in case of any problems with one of your flights, and to book all flights through reputable companies with the appropriate travel authority registration.

Skyscanner, one of my favourite websites, is the best place to search for all flights, including direct and indirect, and it will give you the cheapest option at the top of the list, from various airports, so you can pick the one that suits you best. A tailored-made flight to suit your needs and a lower price too – nothing to lose!

If you’re travelling with the same airline, as I was, you often won’t have to pick up your luggage at your connecting airport, as it will often be transferred onto your final destination. Check this out with your particular airline, but if your first and second flight are with the same company, you’re simply free to wander around the airport, without having to check-in again. This certainly cuts down on stress.

The next time you see an indirect flight, and you think it’s too much hassle, don’t discount it completely, it might be quite the money saver.

Feature photo credit: w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines) via photopin cc