Why Self-Drive Trips on Four Wheels Are so Last Year!

When you explore a region, how do you do it? Do you head off on a coach/bus? Do you enjoy train rides? Do you hire a car?

There is no denying that the best way to truly see a region is by road, because this will help you check out the passing landscapes, truly appreciate what you’re seeing, and you can also tailor-make you trip to stop off at areas of interest for you. So, with this in mind, you’re going to hire a car, right?

Well, that’s not your only option! How about checking out one of the many motorcycle tours on offer? This means you can feel the wind in your hair (well, underneath a helmet), you can feel the breeze whipping past your body, and you get to literally breathe in the area you’re passing through, without having to gaze at it through glass. You are basically truly ‘in’ the landscape, a part of it for a period of time, and this is true exploration at its very best!

You might be reading that and thinking ‘that’s all very well and good, but I’m not an experienced motorcyclist’. True, but you don’t have to be! Vintage Tours offers a series of different trips for varying levels of expertise, and that means you can grab this experience with both hands, whilst improving your riding skills at the same. Oh, and did we mention that you do all of this on the back of a vintage motorcycle? Truly an epic experience!

Where can you explore on two wheels? The options are endless, but one of the most popular includes motorcycle tours in Himalaya. Can you imagine the landscapes you’re going to pass through? This is an adventure like no other, and you get the chance to really learn about the area at the same time. Many people can say they have ‘been’ somewhere, but few can say they have truly experienced it. A tour such as this will allow you to be part of the special band of people.

So, if you’ve been trying to find a little inspiration for a new adventure, why not look towards one which features two wheels, rather than four? At the end of it all, you’re sure to have developed a real love for motorcycling, and you’ll be raring to choose your next two wheeled adventure!