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A lot of people imagine the Caribbean as just a place to lay on the sand, maybe do a bit of snorkeling, but most of all just relax. If you are heading for a holiday in St. Lucia though, you

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Other than the heat, a city break to New York is a great idea during the summer. The city comes to life as both locals and tourists enjoy the nice sunny weather after many months of long, cold winter. From

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May 14, 2014

Things to Do in Dubai

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Dubai is a city that has embraced the future while preserving a bit of its past. It is glamour and luxury, culture and heritage. The city is one of the richest in the world, with incredible hotels and restaurants but

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Everyday life and work can run you down and having a week or two of vacation time each year to recover is important.  If you want to take your vacation to the next level though, to not just recover but

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Australia is a popular destination for people travelling and even those wanting to move somewhere new for so many different reasons. Australia is absolutely beautiful, with all there is to do and see and there are so many opportunities. There

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London could very well be the greatest city on the planet. It’s been the centre of the English-speaking world for centuries and has a wealth of history, art and culture to explore. Now home to an incredibly diverse population, London

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January 28, 2014

London by Night

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An Essential Guide for the Perfect Night Out The perfect night out in London can take many, many forms. The city is just so huge, varied and sprawling. With so many different tastes to cater to, there’s no one definitive

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Skiing holidays in France can sometimes prove a little more expensive than other, less classy European resorts. However, if it’s style, quality and excellent après ski options you’re after, the French resorts really can’t be beaten: there are so many

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January 24, 2014

Travel Cheat Sheet

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Heading out and exploring the treasures of Europe, starting from the amazing architecture over to the rich history and cultural diversity as well as foods and drinks. This something everyone should be able to experience themselves. However, what are you

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becoming a bit of a tradition

Just because money is tight, it doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on holiday quality; instead, look into ways you can cut unnecessary corners and pull back some pounds. I love holidays, and because of that I go away a

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