Winter doesn’t have to be the dark and depressing season it is often painted to be, in fact it can be a joyful, cosy, and even romantic time if you put the right things into place in order to make it brighter. Making your home comfortable and a haven for relaxation is a great avenue to start on, and feeling like you have sanctuary within your four walls during the cooler season is a good feeling to keep you going throughout the day, right through to summer.

Lighting is one of the easiest issues to address within a home, and a few tweaks here and there can create a cosy atmosphere, as well as saving you money if you get the tricks right. It’s all about knowing where to start.

Here’s a few pointers on how you can brighten up your winter.

LED lighting

If you’ve ever looked at your electric bill and wondered how it ended up so large, maybe it’s time you started thinking about changing your bulbs to LED ones instead. Not only are you doing your bit for the environment, but you’re also keeping cash in your pocket, because these energy efficient bulbs tick both boxes, as well as being safer because they don’t kick out heat, therefore don’t pose a fire risk. A few selectively placed lamps here and there can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.


Not only are candles useful in the event of a power cut, but they also look pretty and smell great too. A few candles dotted around whilst you’re watching a movie of a winter evening, perhaps with a glass of wine or two, can create the perfect feel for a cold evening, and they’re certainly cheap enough too! Obviously don’t leave candles burning unattended however.

Fairy lights

Probably one of the most favourite winter lighting methods out there, you can easily pick up fairy lights cheaply, and all it will cost you after that is batteries. The effect is simple but certainly ticks the cosy box, and is perfect for a winter evening.

Good old natural light

You can’t beat the uplifting sense of natural sunlight pouring into a room, so make sure those window sills aren’t blocked, the curtains aren’t clogging up the light, and stick to light colours within your room, because this will reflect the natural light too. Obviously this isn’t going to do a lot for you during the evenings, but if you can pour in some daylight during the light hours, you will feel a lot more uplifted as a result.

As you can see, you can easily kit out your house with enough lighting options to create a warm and cosy atmosphere this winter, and none of these ideas described above break the bank either. Candles, fairy lights, and long-lasting LED bulbs in pretty lamps, these are all ways you can bring plenty of light into your home, and indeed your life, this winter.

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