The Caribbean islands hold everything a honeymooning couple might want from beautiful white beaches and romantic restaurants to world-class dive sites and great nightlife. Whether you are looking to relax in the ultimate private beach bungalow or enjoy days of parasailing and snorkeling coral reefs, there is a Caribbean island perfect for your honeymoon. Here are some the top Caribbean honeymoon hotspots.


If your honeymoon dreams include a nice secluded beach, check out a holiday in Antigua. Antigua has over 360 of them that might just fit the bill. The island is popular with beach fans but it also has a few nice historic sites, museums, and a strong Afro-Caribbean culture. English is the dominant language and there are plenty of all inclusive resorts perfect for honeymooners.

British Virgin Islands

Honeymooners to the British Virgin Islands should definitely consider spending some time on the open ocean. This is the sailing capital of the world and a great honeymoon option is to hire a sailboat and captain to take you between private-island resorts. Spend your days snorkeling, sailing, and strolling along deserted beaches. Spend your nights in private-island paradise.

St. Kitts & Nevis

These two picturesque islands are perfect for the honeymooners looking for a bit of adventure. Hike into the rain forests or up the extinct volcanoes that formed the islands. After a long day in nature, head back down to the beach for world-class seafood restaurants and romantic, kid-free honeymoon hotels.


Looking for a bit of fun? Aruba has it! This island is perfect for the fun loving couple looking for great water sports, nightlife, and shopping. The island is a desert so it won’t work for couples looking for jungle paradise but it has plenty of water activities and great snorkeling to make up for it. As an added bonus, the island is also far enough south that it isn’t affected by the oftentimes honeymoon-ruining hurricane season.

Turks & Caicos

This chain of 40 islands and cays is the perfect honeymoon spot for any couples looking to get away from it all. Many of the islands are deserted, leaving it the perfect place to do a bit of exploring on your own by island hopping in a chartering local yacht. There isn’t a central town or city and everything here is very laid back, even by Caribbean standards.

St. Martin

Also called by its Dutch name, St. Maarten, this Caribbean island has a strong European feel. Around one third of the island is Dutch while the rest is French, representing the old colonial powers. For honeymooners, the split personality means on day you can be dining on authentic French cuisine in a posh European style resort and the next day partying it up in a nightclub like only the Dutch could create.


This Caribbean island is very popular with honeymooners thanks to the many all inclusive, couples only resorts. Outside of the resorts, the island still holds onto its local roots, those that gave birth to reggae and legends like Bob Marley. If you are there in January, be sure to check out the annual jazz and blues festival. The rest of the year, you can opt for river rafting, kayaking, or just beach relaxing.

Photo Credit: F H Mira via photopin cc