The airport can be a boring business. Whilst it’s a means to an end, and a way to get to some fantastic destinations, it is also somewhere that seems soulless, has barely any natural light, is always busy, and somewhere that you have to spend too many hours waiting. It’s important to keep yourself occupied, to cut out the boredom of waiting, and also to stop the temptation to spend too much in duty free!

Setting off and getting to the airport too early is something many people are guilty of, and this just extends the waiting. If you stay over at the airport the night before, in a hotel obviously, then you’re not going to have the worry of being late for check in, or getting there too early, because you’re exactly where you need to be already, and you can easily hop from the airport to the terminal door. There are some fantastic deals with Airparks on parking and hotel bundles, and these are available at most large UK airports, including north of the border, and the many Glasgow Airport hotels with parking. Check out what’s available at your departure airport.

Arriving at the right time means less time waiting, and less time in that long check in queue. There’s not a lot you can do about the boredom and waiting of getting through security, because this is a necessity, but once you’re through, and you enter the glittering halls of duty free, you’re more than free to roam as you please!

The key to not spending an absolute fortune is to try and instil a little routine into the day. Sitting down in a proper restaurant and having a meal is a good way to not only avoid having to spend on unfulfilling junk food, but also works out cheaper. If you’re traveling with children, this is also a good idea, because it means you’re not sat doing nothing, and your kids will settle better if they have had a good meal.

Once your food is finished, obviously you’re going to want to peruse duty free a little, but set yourself a budget, and don’t go over it! It’s far too easy to spend a fortune without realising it, thinking you’re getting something cheaper, but it’s false economy if you’re weren’t going to buy it in the first place!

Airport lounges are a good idea you don’t fancy the idea of sitting in a busy departure lounge and wasting time that way, as you will get your drinks and snacks included in the cost of your lounge booking, and you can be assured of a relaxed atmosphere until you board the plane. This is a service available at the larger UK airports, and many worldwide too.

There’s no getting around the waiting completely, but if you can cut it down slightly then you’re going to be in a better frame of mind when it comes to jetting off on your long-awaited holiday.

Photo Credit: gato-gato-gato via photopin cc