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The term “Foo Dogs” is used for a pair of Fengshui characters known for making our homes more peaceful and keeping them protected from everything that’s evil. The expression “Foo” was either derived from the Chinese word “Fó”, which means

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Money is the first cause of stress for most people and the number one reason for divorces. It makes sense to be interested in every available strategy to minimize the negative impact of money or lack of it. It’s a

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Addiction is defined as failing to have control over something to the point that it may become harmful to you but whatever that thing is, asking for help can be a struggle. Approaching someone for help with addiction often means

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With the rise of online therapy and life coaching, it is becoming much easier for people to get help if they need it.  You now longer need to go to an office, you can do everything from the comfort of

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They say that doctors make the worst patients. It is a funny thing that the ones who know the most about treating sickness seem to know the least about how to be sick. Doctors are truly awful at it. And

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It’s not called the living room for nothing. Part family room, part play room, part guest reception room and part chilling out on front of the TV with a glass of wine room, the most important living space in the

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We often hear the word “forgiveness”, but hardly do we hear it used in relation to oneself. Just as we have the tendency to feel hurt or angry about a wrong that has been done to us, so can we

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There are few things that are more exciting than planning the décor for a redesigned living room. But the truth is that before you dive in with the furnishing and the accessories, you need to get the right base. And

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September 20, 2017

Freedom on Two Wheels

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Why Self-Drive Trips on Four Wheels Are so Last Year! When you explore a region, how do you do it? Do you head off on a coach/bus? Do you enjoy train rides? Do you hire a car? There is no

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August 31, 2017

Look After Your Eyes

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They say that eyes are the window to the soul, eyes are precious, and all manner of other sayings liked to your baby blues, or browns, or greens – whatever the case may be! The fact of the matter is

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