Hallelujah! It’s a long weekend. We have an extra two days off this weekend and need to make the most of it. While chocolate eggs and super-sticky marshmallow bunnies might be some families’ idea of a fun weekend, it isn’t mine. Sugar is the enemy in our house and my daughter needs to avoid it in large doses or all havoc will break loose. I know I’m not the only parent out there who feels this way and therefore dreads Easter weekend.

So, with that in mind, I’ve put together a list of alternative family fun for the Easter break:


Go to The Manchester Duck Race

If you’re in the vicinity, the Manchester Duck Race sounds like a lot of fun for little ones and parents. Small rubber ducks can be bought for £1 each and raced down the river at 2pm. There will be lots of fun activities on offer for kids too including a bouncy castle, giant slide and teacup rides. Best of all it’s in aid of a local children’s charity, Brainwave, so proceeds go towards helping kids. If you’re coming from out of town and don’t want to deal with traffic, make a weekend of it by getting a hotel for a night or two. Hotels Direct have hotels in Manchester for under £60 a night so it needn’t be an expensive weekend either. While you’re in Manchester for the weekend you could also check out Eureka! The National Children’s Museum which is open even on the bank holidays.


Have a Treasure Hunt at Home

In lieu of an easter egg hunt, create your own treasure hunt at home. Go to a pound store and buy lots of little items like stickers, glitter, bouncy balls, playing card games. Hide them around the garden (or the house if the weather doesn’t co-operate) and let your kids loose to find them. Theme the items so you can do something with the in the afternoon after the hunt like a craft activity such as card making, making a pictorial family tree or origami.


Learn Something New, Together

If you don’t want to spend a penny this weekend, how about focussing on learning a new skill as a family? A language is a skill that can be practiced quickly and easily by everyone in the family. Print or write out labels for all the items around your home in the language you’d like to learn, rent or download some movies or TV shows in the language (with subtitles of course) and cook the cuisine of the culture you’re learning about. If you want to try a European language, Spanish is probably the easiest to learn as all the letters are sounded out as opposed to French which has a lot of sounds that aren’t pronounced. Use Google Translate to help you or a free site like Duolingo which is a great resource for learning a language online.


There are LOTS of ways to avoid the crazy commercialism that Easter has become and focus on your kids and having fun together as a family that don’t involve copious amounts of money or sugary treats.


Image credit: Wiki Images