A lot of people imagine the Caribbean as just a place to lay on the sand, maybe do a bit of snorkeling, but most of all just relax. If you are heading for a holiday in St. Lucia though, you are in for adventure. This island paradise is so much more than a few beaches and resort hotels; it is packed with unique and fun experiences. Gorgeous beaches, lush jungles, and volcanic mountains set the scene for an island full of fun adventures. Check out a few these fun activities to see what you might want to add to your St Lucia island vacation.

Horseback Riding

From romantic sunset rides along the beach to intense jungle rides, there are plenty of options for both experienced and beginner horseback riders. The trail along the northeast of the island ends with an option to remove the saddle and take a dip in the ocean, along with your horse.

Hike up Gros Piton

Experienced hikers will definitely enjoy the 3-4 hour climb up St. Lucia’s iconic Gros Piton, with a gorgeous view at the top as a reward. If you aren’t up for the steep climb, just hiking the beginning of the trail, which is at a more gentle slope will still give you great views of the Caribbean Sea.


Flying through the rainforests of St Lucia is an incredible way to get a up close look at the nature of the island. The adrenaline rush along with the 360 degree views of the jungle make ziplining here a popular activity. There are a number of companies offering half-day excursions often combined with short jungle treks.

Sulphur Springs

St. Lucia has a lot of unique sites but Sulphur Springs might just be one of the most interesting. Called the “world’s only drive-in volcano,” Sulphur Springs is actually the result of spring water sitting on the top of an ancient collapsed volcano crater. Vehicles can drive right up to the edge of the springs for front-row views of the steam geysers.

Jungle Biking

Back home you might have heard of mountain biking but here on St. Lucia they call it jungle biking. Expert and beginner trails wip through the jungle offering great scenery and a unique ride. The trails aren’t just simple jungle paths though and some were even designer by two-time US Olympian David “Tinker” Juarez.

Volcano Night Bash

Looking for adventure doesn’t mean you have to give up all pampering and thankfully there is one tour on St. Lucia that offers up both. The Volcano Night Bash is a tour that combines a nighttime hike to the hot mud baths of this volcanic island with a relaxing and purifying mud and hot springs bath.

Jeep Safari

If you want a taste of all the various regions of St. Lucia is one fun filled day, look into booking a jeep safari. From the jungles to the hot springs to the beaches, jeep safaris let you experience all the adventure hotspots of the island. You’ll pass through banana plantations, stop for an afternoon dip in crystal clear spring pools, and hopefully see a bit of wildlife too.

Photo Credit: Scott Ingram Photography via photopin cc