You might think that cities aren’t meant to be laid back and chilled out, but if that’s your view point, you’re very wrong! There is a city on this planet that is as laid back as a beach resort, with all the fun of a city.

Welcome to San Diego!

From the world famous San Diego Zoo, to the aquatic fun of Sea World, San Diego is a treat for all the family, and it certainly doesn’t have that stressful element of some cities the world over.

San Diego is of course very close to the Mexican border, and for that reason there are many elements of Mexican culture within it. Your first question however, is how you’re going to get around the city itself.

Public transport is easy to use, but you need to find out how to get from the airport to your hotel. You could take the shuttle or you could hire a taxi, but hiring a limo is a great alternative way to consider also. This isn’t as expensive as many people think, and it is a great way to start your break in style, whilst also cutting down on commuting time. Certainly give this some consideration.

The various parts of San Diego are to be checked out individually, and getting around via public transport is the best bet here, although some are certainly good to explore on foot. Whist you’re exploring, the main thing you will notice is the vibe. We’ve mentioned this in our first paragraph, but the difference between San Diego and the rest of the world’s cities is truly in its feel. There is traffic, there are people rushing around, and yes, there is the usual plethora of nightlife and fast paced shopping, but, and it’s a big but, it never feels frenetic, it never feels too much, it simply feels chilled out, and, dare we say it, it feels friendly.

The beaches are some of the best you will see, with the Pacific Ocean lapping at your feet, and these are far enough away from the Downtown area to make you feel that you’re literally on a getaway island. The quality of these beaches are fantastic, and even the hotels which back onto these aren’t hugely high rise and over the top.

For those who really want a break from the norm, and who can’t decide between city and resort, San Diego truly is the perfect blend.