Following on from the car seat installation tips from, we wanted to find out how to first actually find an appropriate car seat, whether that be the best convertible car seat or simply the safest infant seat. Sam from Safe Convertible Car Seats helped us out.


What we learned was that finding the right car seat for your child isn’t always as simple as going to the store and selecting a perfectly labelled box which practically has your name on it.


Finding a car seat for your child means you need to a do a bit of investigation yourself. There is both good and bad to this, the good being that you find a seat that is really the right fit for your child and the bad being the added work.


Take it one step at a time. By following the 5 steps to find a car seat for your baby below, you’ll be able to best identify an appropriate seat for your child.


Check your car


Some car seats are not appropriate for some cars. It can be a nasty surprise to find out when you leave the shop and bring the car seat home, and often it’s too late at this point. This is usually a problem restricted to older cars more so than newer ones, so if your vehicle is a bit on the vintage side this is something to consider.


Check your child’s weight and height


A car seat is only suitable for your child while they fit within the limits of the car seats specifications. Previous recommendations were to leave your child rear facing until they were around 2 years old and then to move them forward facing. This has since changed and now you’ll need to leave your child rear facing for as long as that car seat allows. This is the safest way to position your child.


Find seats with a two-piece retainer


To make installation super simple we suggest that you focus on seats that have a two-piece retainer. This just makes the whole process more simple and saves you additional hassle from car seats that don’t have them.


Look for adjustable harnesses


One of the best thing’s you can do for your child’s safety and comfort is adjust the handles to the appropriate specifications for child. An adjustable harness will usually need to be rethreaded but you can find seats that have harnesses that can be adjusted without the need to rethread.


Check the expiration date

Car seats do actually have an expiration date. This is not just because there are updates and changes in technology but because the very material that the car seats are constructed with can degrade in quality over time, especially with the force that they experience in a moving vehicle. Be aware of the expiration date of your car seat when you purchase it to keep track of when you need to update it.