Who says you need to be at your computer to be productive and get work done? Check out these five powerful mobile apps that will help boost your productivity when away on that important business trip. 


Evernote is more than just your regular notes app. It also functions as a digital filing cabinet. Having Evernote on your mobile device allows you to easily clip articles, handwritten notes and videos/photos, and then sync them across multiple platforms for later use. We all know how frustrating it is to try and save an important webpage on our phones so that we can read it later on our computer screens. We may try emailing it to ourselves, sharing it on our Facebook page, or even try and copy and paste the text and save it in a notepad app. With Evernote you don’t need to do any of these things. Evernote makes this so very easy with just a single press of a button. This means you can spend less time trying to save that photo or webpage, and more time doing other things. 


Access your files from literally anywhere in the world with the ever popular Dropbox app. This app gives the corporate traveller the convenience of sharing and accessing important documents from their mobile devices whether in Melbourne or Mumbai. Dropbox stores files on clouds which can be accessed anywhere where there is a working Internet connection. Files can also be downloaded for offline use.


Business travellers often have a hard time keeping track of all those important travel documents, such as boarding passes, hotel reservations, car hire vouchers, travel insurance certificates, etc., etc. Especially if they have a couple of trips lined up in a short space of time. The TripIt app promises to make life much easier for business travellers by tagging all these important travel documents together in the one place. It’s the perfect travel app, as it functions as a central hub for all your travel documents, allowing the business traveller to spend time doing other things instead of looking for that hotel or car hire reservation.


If your job requires you to post a lot on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, then you may want to download and install Buffer. This app allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time so you can better organise your social media presence. Buffer also gives you metrics on your post activity, including number of clicks, retweets, likes, comments, shares and +1s (and many more).


Answer those important emails whilst zooming around on a train or whilst waiting for your coffee to arrive from the convenience of your smart phone, thanks to the Gmail mobile app. If you’re just waiting around you might as well be getting stuff done, right? You can link multiple Gmail accounts to the one Gmail app, allowing you to check both personal and work accounts at the same time.

What other productivity-boosting mobile app would you recommend for the busy corporate traveller? Are you interested in finding out more about how you can save time and stress? If you’re a regular business traveller, try getting in touch with a corporate travel management agency such as Corporate Traveller and see what they can do for you. Otherwise, please leave your suggestions below.