Drug abuse is unwarranted and follows a pattern regarding consumption of any synthetic or natural drug or substance in an unapproved quantity. In this post we’re going to talk frankly about the effects of drug abuse on family and the effects of drug abuse on community.

The family structure in America has evolved into something complex with the passage of time growing from the traditional family system to single-parent families, step families, foster families and multi-generational families. Drug abuse not only effects the individual immensely but also those closest to them and society as a whole. It is important to impart addiction education so that more people educate themselves regarding drug abuse.

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Losing Family:

Family:  Dealing with drug addiction especially when you have not had addiction education, can be a lot for the family to bear. The downward spiral of addiction takes down the abuser and the family down with it which often results in breaking of families as the emotional and financial stress becomes too much to bear.

Community: The ratio of homeless children increases in the community as due to drug abuse they often are subjected to violence, abuse as well as money problems. Children in such environment are removed and placed in state custody and its cost the state approximately 1 billion USD each year.



Family: While under the influence of drugs, addicts act out violently. The violence affects the entire family physically and emotionally. They might pose harm to them resulting in serious injuries as drugs makes you lose your ability to think.

Community: Drug abuse makes you violent and often makes you unstable. Violent drug abusers can pose threat and harm to the society or neighborhood they live in as their sudden outbursts of angers are unpredictable.


Financial Issues:

Family: Apart from making you lose your relationships and families, drugs come at a costly price and makes you lose your financial status as well. The family has to struggle hard with the drug abuse and then has to deal with the stealing and lying for money by the drug abuse member of family.

Community: Crime is attributed largely to drug abuse. Most of the addicts try to attain money for purchasing and when a deal goes wrong or they are unable to attain money, they act out really violently which is dangerous. Half of the people who were arrested for serious crimes were under drug influence. Society then has to pick up the cost for court and law enforcement.



Family: Addicts do not know the harm they are doing to themselves or their family. Dealing with drug abuse makes the family feel anxiety, depression which gradually turns into anger and resentment towards the user.

Community: Drug abuse not only effects the user but people around him too. The family also tends to feel emotional stress and feel ashamed later on isolating themselves from the community. The community needs to aware itself of addiction education to deal with such families.



Family: People who abuse drugs lose their family, health, money and also their jobs too. This poses a financial strain on the family. The employers have to let them go as the violent behavior is a threat too.

Community: Drug abuse makes you lose your credibility and people lose jobs because of it which causes a stress on the community as well because they lose workforce.


Therefore it is necessary that addiction education be imparted so that more people know and save themselves.