If you’re at a loss on products to keep your kids amused, or need some inspiration for a future birthday or Christmas present, it doesn’t have to be another toy truck or Barbie doll. There are heaps of great children’s products out there that will keep them amused for longer than a minute, and may even help them develop some important skills.


Skateboards are an awesome product that never goes out of fashion. If you’re looking for a way to get your kids off the couch, you can get them inspired by their very own customized board! Whilst the act of skateboarding hasn’t changed, the rides themselves have – you can put your own images on them, and basically design every inch of the board from the wheels up. Your kids will love showing off their sweet ride! Penny Skateboards Online is a great site where you can choose all the specs for your board, so get the kids to have a look and see what they like.


Quirky Cookie Cutters

If you think you might have a budding master chef or desert extraordinaire on your hands, fuel their passion for cooking by getting creative with the cookie cutters! Budding superhero enthusiasts can make their very own batman biscuits; you can make a menagerie of sugar coated animals, even an edible jigsaw puzzle! It’ll make your kids inspired to learn how to cook, and keep your stomachs satisfied! These are also great to use with play dough but make sure you wash it thoroughly if the cutters are going to be multi-purpose!


Personalize it!

Nothing tells your kids that they’re special like something that’s been made just for them. These days it’s easy to personalize anything – t-shirts, necklaces, water bottles, the list is endless. These days, you can customize your own products for your kids and have them delivered to your door without even leaving your computer! Your son will love a shirt emblazoned with their favourite movie or childhood idols, and your daughter would love a personalized necklace with her name on it.


Crystal Growing Kit

If your kids are fans of shiny, colourful things, they now can grow their own crystals! They can make their very own beautiful crystal garden if that takes their fancy. You can buy crystal growing kits that come with all the ingredients you need to complete the process, but keep in mind that the instructions must be followed. Some parent participation might come in handy to ensure the crystals form as expected!


Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is quite a marvel – it arrives as normal, crumbly sand, but can be sculpted into any object your heart desires. The best part? It only sticks to itself, not to you! There’s a scientific reason why this is, but the main thing is that it’s non-toxic and easily reusable.


So if your kids are getting a little bored with their toys, why not try some of these products to spark their imagination.


What are some great products for kids you’ve come across recently?

photo credit: Keelhaul Doug via photopin cc