We are finally making some advances in this area and it is about time. Tampons are just not a great thing. No one likes using them and they’re not good for you, the planet, or your wallet. Luckily there are now many more alternatives to choose from.


  1. Menstrual Cup: These are the absolute best. Since they last for up to 18 years and only cost around 20 dollars on average, this means that you are going to be spending much less money compared to how much you would spend on tampons over the course of 20 years. They also only need to be changed about every 12 hours which is much less often than the average 4 to 6 times a day a tampon needs to be changed. They’re also super easy to clean. They don’t need to be cleaned often but when they do all it takes is boiling them for a few minutes and letting it air dry. Read through this guide to find the best menstrual cup for your body.

  2. Cloth Pads: It’s completely fine if the menstrual cup idea sounds a bit too intense for you or you’re just not ready to go that route. Reusable pads are much more comfortable than pads that are made out of plastic and they have a waterproof liner so they don’t leak through. The only con is having to wash them but the fact that you get to avoid all the chemicals of tampons makes it worth it. Read through this guide to work out the best reusable pads for you.

  3. Sea Sponges: I find these to be a little bit difficult but they’re another good alternative to the menstrual cup if you find those to uncomfortable for you.

  4. Period Panties: These are recently becoming very popular. These completely eliminate the bulkiness and potential shifting that happens with pads since these are built right into the lining of the underwear. Since they are washable, this is preferable for many women and definitely better for the environment. They also come in many styles including athletic underwear and sexy lingerie. Thinx and Knix Wear make some great period underwear and you can compare the best period panties in this post.

  5. Washable Pads: Lunapads makes some great options for these since they have such a huge collection ranging from anything from light to heavy, regular to organic, and longer to shorter. These will save you money in the long run since you aren’t buying multiple boxes of pads each month and they’re also better for the environment. Washable pads can also be helpful for women who have just given childbirth and are having issues with bladder leakage.