Are you a smoker or a drinker? Do you have a hard time getting out of bed and hitting the gym? Or are you just the stressed-out type that has a lot going on? If you can relate to any of these common problems, chances are your lifestyle is negatively affecting your skin. But don’t worry, you can stop the damage by making great life decisions. Yes, that is often a bit easier said than done, but once you learn about the negative side effects of these problems on your skin, you might just be convinced enough to make a change. Here are the 4 ways your lifestyle affects your skin.

Smokers beware, you’re causing your skin to age quickly!

Have you ever noticed that someone has old looking skin, especially for being so young? Chances are you’ve encountered a chain-smoker. Basically, smoking makes it more difficult for oxygen to travel throughout your skin, because nicotine reduces your blood flow. Both problems combined dry out your skin and can even discolor it. On top of these problems, nutrients leave the body over time if you’re a smoker and work to effectively block your skin from repairing itself. The solution is to focus on living a healthy lifestyle that’s smoke-free.

 Alcohol doesn’t help either

If you think smoking is bad, you might be surprised that drinking isn’t good for your skin either. Drinking alcohol is like smoking in the way that nutrients are depleted from your body. Alcohol also dehydrates your body. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for alcohol to have a negative effect on your skin, and if you drink too much over too long a period, you can actual cause permanent skin problems. If you are going to drink, do so in moderation, and remember to have water and moisturizer nearby.

Proper diet and exercise do wonders for the skin

If you want your body to function well, you must focus on how you fuel it, and what you do with it. First off, you have to eat really well if you want your skin to look its best. That means eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, while drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Avoid fatty foods and animal products to see the biggest change in your skin within only a few days. Also, make sure that you’re working out daily. If you don’t get the proper amount of exercise, you won’t get the blood flowing throughout your body. Diet and exercise play a major role in feeling your best. If you’re interested to learn the importance of what you put on and in your body, check out Well Within Beauty.

The more stress and emotions you deal with, the worse your skin condition

Stress not only ages you and can lead to a premature death, but it also shows though your skin. The more stressed you are, the more you breakout, have flushed skin, or face other skin problems. Take a break, go on vacation, or just focus on deep breathing. Taking some time out to relax both makes you feel better and does wonders for your skin.