Cleaning your house is not always fun. In fact, if you are like me, there are so many other things you have to do, you don’t even want to think about cleaning. Since living in a pigsty is not fun, cleaning is necessary. It can seem like it takes forever to do, but here are 10 easy ways you can speed up your housework.

  1. Get Cleaning Products Out - Having everything you will need to clean with out and on hand can make cleaning go so much faster because you will not be running around to look for things as you need them. You’ll have everything ready to go.
  2. Tackle One Room at a Time - Next, you will want to tackle just one room at a time. Don’t try to start cleaning the bathroom and the living room at once. You may get confused and forget what you cleaned, causing you to clean things more than once or to backtrack.
  3. Have the Kids Clean Their Rooms - If your children are old enough to clean and pick up their things, make them do it. You should not have to clean up their living quarters for them all the time. Have them put their clothes away and even run the vacuum through their rooms.
  4. Dust, Then Vacuum - You don’t want to be backtracking, so if your home is dusty, be sure to dust things first and then vacuum. This is a good practice, because when you dust, the dust flies around. If you vacuum first, you’re defeating the purpose and wasting time, because you’ll have to do it again.
  5. Get Hubby to Help - If you’re cleaning, ask your husband or partner to help you out. There are tons of things that he is capable of doing to make the time spent cleaning lesser. The less time spent cleaning, the more time you have together.
  6. Stay on Top of Things - If you want to spend less time house cleaning next month, stay on top of your messes . Instead of letting laundry pile up or things get too dirty, dust lightly each week and vacuum every day if you can or as soon as you see a mess. This will make next months cleaning session shorter.
  7. Throw Things Out - If you have something that is just taking up unnecessary room, get rid of it. You should throw things that are broken or cluttering your home away or just take them to the dump. They’re making more work for you.
  8. Mop the Floor at Night - This may sound like a ridiculous tip, but if you love a clean floor, it is best to mop it at night. That way, no one is walking across your wet floor or leaving foot prints and the floor should stay pretty clean all day.
  9. Do the Dishes Every Day - If you’re not interested in spending hours at the sink washing dishes, be sure to do them each and every day. You can avoid a huge stack of dishes this way. If you hate washing by hand, get a dishwasher and lessen your work.
  10. Listen to Music - While you are cleaning, listen to some music. It can help to get you moving and motivated and you will see that you will get done a lot faster this way.

House work is not always fun, but it is something that has to be done. If you bite the bullet and do it, using these tips, you will see how much faster things go for you and how much more enjoyable it can be!

Feature photo credit: Frederic Poirot via photopin cc