The art of packing the perfect bag for you and baby comes with experience and planning. Many moms in the know will gladly enlighten you to the contents of their perfect bag. The essentials include:

1. Disposable or extra cloth nappies: At least one for every two hours you plan to be out. In fact, the more the merrier; you never know what adventures you may have while out.

2. Wipes: Never be without wet wipes. They’re handy to clean the little tyke’s bottom, face, hands, and anything else that may need a wipe. Many mothers with schoolage children can still produce a pocket of handy wipes without too much searching having learnt to never be without. A tube of instant wipes as a backup (the just-add-water kind) is certainly advisable. Sometimes the average wipe is just not up to the job of cleaning the ice cream or chocolate off little faces and hands.

3. Extra formula or expressed milk: A hungry baby is an unhappy baby; don’t ever be caught without supplies.

4. Your anti nappy rash cream of choice: Use the samples that you received while you were pregnant; they are perfectly pocket sized. When those run out, shop around; some of the retail pharmacies sell pocket-sized items too.

5. A cloth nappy or towel: Change the baby on when you don’t have great facilities at hand.

6. A blanky: A favourite blanket is always handy when the little one needs some calming down or swaddling. Little bodies cool down while they are sleeping so a soft, warm blanket should always be available.

7. A favourite toy: It can be a cuddly soft bunny or perhaps a teething toy – anything that will capture his/her attention when you need some distraction.

8. Dummy (pacifier): If your baby is soothed by his/her dummy, never leave the house without at least two extras in the bag.

9. Bottles and some pre-boiled water to produce a feed on the go: As with the other supplies, take two if you think you’ll need one.

10. Extra set (or two) of clothes: Babies are messy and accidents happen all the time. It’s better to be overprepared than caught with no extra clothing.

As babies grow, their needs change and you might find that toddlers need teething biscuits and other snacks on the go. If you are prepared, you and the little one will arrive back home happy and relaxed after a great day or evening out and about. You can find all sorts of nappy bag necessities right here on Gumtree.

Photo Credit: Diaper bag with divider via photopin (license)